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1. IN PERSON: If you live in Los Angeles, you can find us at a Market or Pop-Up. Check the Find Us page for dates, locations & times.


2. LOCAL DELIVERY: If you live within 30 miles of the Los Angeles Metro Area, we deliver! Choose Local Delivery when you check out ($5.00 Fee applies). We do deliveries Mon. - Fri. between 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. If you won't be home during that time, leave your containers outside your front door if it's safe, or another secure location we can access. Be sure to let us know where your containers will be in a note with your order, or in an email sent to​.


NOTE: If using your own containers for Local Delivery and you don't know how much they hold, order from the products labeled "Refill" and select the number of ounces that's slightly more than your best guess (i.e. if you think it holds 12 oz., select the 16 oz. option). We'll use a scale to determine the correct amount and refund any overpayment.

3. SHIPPED TO YOU: If you live outside Los Angeles, order new products to get started. When you're ready for Refills, order from the Refill section so you won't be charged for new containers. When you receive your Refill order, return your empty containers in the same box using our pre-paid return shipping label. We will wash & re-use your empties!

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